Vinyl Shopping List

For this project, I was asked to create a shopping list that would allow a user to enter an item with a description and quantity, and in result receive an organized list conatining the history of the entered items.

A combination of php, html and css pages were needed to successfly complete this project. With most of the php work being done behind the scenes, every page is linked together and is connected to my AZ3 database in which the information is stored.

Starting this project, i knew nothing about databases and php in general. Coming out of this, i now know the basics of fetching information from my database and formatting it so that I can display it on another screen without any backgorund processing being shown. I learned how to use commands in php such as SQL which allow me into insert the values, delete, and update them. Other commands such as loops, fetch and if statements also allow the php to sort throught the information and decide what it wants to do with it.